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Detailed game mechanism

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

After opening the packs, you will receive a set of collectible NFT cards and Blender coins. Each of which is hand-drawn. Each card has a description, following the instructions in this description, you need to choose the right one for this card (or several cards). The first one to collect the correct cards to complete the task and fill out THIS FORM is to receive a Legendary chest as a gift! The second will receive a Rare chest, the third will receive a Common chest. The main condition for receiving a prize is the presence of the necessary cards in your wallet. After the first person fills out the form, the BLEND of these cards will be activated and each participant in the game will be able to use the blender and receive their reward. Thus, step by step, all blenders will be activated and the players will go through the quest. Finally You need to mix these cards in a blender and get Chest with next level cards for the further passage of the quest. If you mix Common cards, you will get CHEST (70% Common, 20% Rare, 10% Legendary depends on your luck). If you mix Rare cards, you will get CHEST (80% Rare, 20% Legendary depends on your luck). If you mix Legendary cards, you will get CHEST (100% Legendary and inside this Legendary chest will be cards of course and one more bonus Common chest). Everything is as simple as two and two.

Your task is to complete all quests and collect all the organs and parts of Hope girl's soul monster in order to free her from suffering. You can craft a Standard NFT of a monster organ out of 5 corresponding girl cards. From crafting 3 standard organ cards, you will receive a 3d beast organ, only 22 monster organs need to be collected. As you read above, it is not always necessary to craft organs, they can be obtained in packs and chests. You can also exchange cards with other players, send them trade offers or negotiate in the chat. You can simply buy the organs you want from the secondary market.

When you have all 3d organs in your collection, you can craft the final monster of the girl's soul. To banish the monster from her mind and not make the girl mad, you will need to blend mythical creatures cards and summon this 6 3d mythical creatures (they can be obtained in packs and chests or crafted from cards) - the guardians of the soul. Having collected them together with the final monster, you will receive a super chest in which the entire collection of cards will be waiting for you, a certificate for receiving a physical art from Valeria with her personal signature (we will send it by courier service to your address, the address will need to be reported to the administrator), and a certificate for a cash prize. The first winner gets 15,000 WAX to his wallet and Valeria's original art! The rest of the winners receive a very limited edition copy and 1000 WAX.

Those players who do not complete the quest to the end will also receive prizes in the form of rare NFTs. for every 3d organ or every mythical creature NFT you will receive rare NFTs from the new collection of a very limited edition, which can be sold on the market or wait until their price rises very high. We are also planning to launch a staking system and you will be able to receive income from your NFT.

Features and bonuses.

If suddenly no one offered the right solution to any of the quests during the week, we will announce the solution ourselves for the first simplest quest, and so on. That is, the players are given one week to solve each next quest. As mentioned above, the first three players who guessed one of the quests receive prizes. If a player guessed several quests, he will receive several prizes (the main condition is that the player has the necessary cards in his wallet).

There can be a super surprise in a blender pack. Make your calculations, it may be profitable for you to buy a lot of blender packs and stock up on them for the future.

After the first phase of the quest, the Heroes receive the status of legendary and will decide for themselves and set the difficulty of the game by voting.

Some time after Drop Packs we will release Jackpot Packs. If you have a lot of blender coins, you can exchange them for the Jackpot pack or buy it for the cash, which contains rare artifacts. This pack is a win-win lottery. Read the description of the pack, there you can find all the chances of getting a specific artifact.

We have also prepared gift packs for our partners: CAIT, ATOMIKINGS, WHITEHAT HUSTLER PRODUCTIONS and other Friends and holders of our NIGHTMARES45 collection. Total amount of this packs not more than 500. Inside this packs only 2 common cards and 2 blender coins. It is Promo packs.

We have prepared special NFT promotions. For participating in mini-games, the winners will receive these NTFs and blend packs from them for playing the quest. This is provided for those who have bad finances, but they also want to play the game and are ready to do various tasks and challenges for this.

After the players have completed several quests, we will launch a weekly lottery with a prize pool of 1000 WAX. This lottery will be held every week among the players. You can buy tickets for participation for a penny or get them for completing quests and completing tasks.

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