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Congratulations, Heroes! You turned out to be very brave and clever players. More than half of the quests have been solved. You are halfway to freeing Hope Girl's mind. Now the world of Hope knows that you are not just an observer, you have become a Legendary Hero. No one has gone this far yet, but you succeeded. And it's time for you to choose the path of the game yourself. You have already figured out and understood all the pitfalls and features. And now you need to determine the further path.

As you already know, your task is to clear Hope's mind from her inner monster, which was formed over the years of her life from her problems of fears and phobias. To collect this nasty monster, as you know, you collected parts of its organs. And many of the heroes have already achieved some of the results. You need to think carefully and vote for the future path, no one knows where it will lead you and how it will turn out, so think well. Think over your strategy. Now you have a lot of competitors and you have to figure out how to get ahead and slow down the rest. You are given three ways to choose from, you must vote for one of them HERE (Anonymous survey)

Whichever path you choose, in the end you will be able to collect a monster that will need to be defeated. and You will find 6 mythical creatures that will help you expel the monster from the Girl's Consciousness without damaging it. Of course, you still need a weapon for this, but this is already in the next phase of the game.

Most importantly, you have already realized that each card is very valuable, regardless of its rarity. At least because this is handmade art and at the most because without cards, it will not be possible to assemble a monster. Therefore, adequately assess the value of any card on the market. Think about how you can get ahead in the race for prizes and slow down other players.

The monster is waiting for you, he is full of strength and ready to fight, although you have already solved half of the quests, the monster is still strong and you need a full set of artifacts to have a chance to defeat him.

As you can see, the Puzzle consists of 24 parts, and there are only 22 organs. Well done, attentive hero! You will receive two puzzle pieces for free for completing quests. for the first 10 quests you get 1 piece of the puzzle and for the other 10 you get 1 more piece. For the last 3 quests you will receive a different reward from Valeria. And now think carefully. Badges for completing quests cannot be sold or sent. A piece of the puzzle is possible. Think how much it might cost? This is one part of the final monster and is very valuable. It shouldn't be worth selling it for a low price in the market for enterprising heroes to buy it. The game can be played with the mind and with the wallet, both heroes will be on equal terms. Our game is for everyone. You can become our hero!

Of course, it happens when the greed of some heroes starts to cross all boundaries and the cards in the market become TOO EXPENSIVE. In this case, you will activate the JACKPOT packs. But keep in mind that this jackpot is a gambling game, so you can expect super luck or defeat, although the probability of losing is low. Packs will be contained:

Common chest 30%

Rare Chest 10%

Legendary Chest 5%

Small pack 20%

Medium pack 10%

Big pack 5%

Mega pack 2%

Unluck 18% (You will get Blender Pack)

Of course, we will only activate these packs if the majority vote to activate them. In any case, you can change your mind about the activation of packs in the future.

Now go to the start and vote for the path of the game. Only you decide what will happen next. Only you choose how to save the girl, only you have one hope. Voting will end on 01.10.21 and we will determine the path of the game.

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