• Valeria


Welcome to the inctober Quest. Try not to scream with fear or cry like a little child. Concentrate. The riddles are not so difficult, but very interesting and require your attention.

Each card has a description, read it carefully, all the tips are indicated there. Everything. what needs to be done is collect certain cards together and blend them in a blender. Remember that mixing always requires a specific blender card.

Exiting the blender will give you a super rare NFT. It will be used in the future. Solve all the quests and collect the entire collection of puzzle pieces.

The first person to complete the quest will receive the original of Art Valeria with her signature as a reward, which is estimated at 2000 USD now, and will be very valuable in the future.

The rest of the players who complete the entire quest will receive copies of any art of their choice with Valeria's signature.

All awards will be mailed to the address indicated by the winner.

You can ask all questions about riddles or any other questions in our telegram group.

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